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 We emphatically believe that a life of service and love is one that God will use for His glory.  God has favored us to impact the growth of college women through the vehicle of a Christian Sorority.  Currently, there are 10 active chapters that consist of committed young women serving God through this ministry on their campuses, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and being a light on their campus and in their neighboring communities.

Alpha Lambda Omega Christian Sorority, Inc. has been established on the following campuses

Undergraduate Chapters

Alpha Genesis Chapter 

University of Texas at Austin

Beta Exodus Chapter 

Prairie View A&M University

Gamma Leviticus Chapter 

Texas A&M University

Delta Numbers Chapter 

Sam Houston State University

Epsilon Deuteronomy Chapter 

Langston University

Zeta Joshua Chapter

Texas State University
(Formerly Southwest Texas State)

Eta Judges Chapter 

Stephen F. Austin University

Theta Ruth Chapter 

University of Texas at Arlington

Iota Samuel Chapter 

University of Pittsburgh

Kappa Samuel Chapter 

Lamar University

Lambda Kings Chapter 

Baylor University

Mu Kings Chapter 

Texas Tech University

Nu Chronicles Chapter 

Texas Southern University

Xi Chronicles Chapter 

Central Michigan University

Omicron Ezra Chapter 

Michigan State University

Pi Nehemiah Chapter 

University of Houston


Beaumont Texas Colony 
(Open to current alumnae members in area)

Beaumont, TX

Greater Houston Colony 
(Open to current alumnae members in area)

Greater Houston