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 “… for the faith of God’s elect and the knowledge of the truth that leads to godliness -- a faith and knowledge resting on the hope of eternal life, which God, who does not lie, promised before the beginning of time”
                                                                                                                                                      Titus 1: 1-2

The spring semester of the year 1990 was a period of rapid and enriching growth for the founders of Alpha Lambda Omega Christian Sorority, Inc. The spark that started the fire was the salvation of one of the founders, Tyesha Elam. This event was a result of the joint efforts of the three remaining founders: Amanda Tezeno, Dawn Walton, and Terra Delaney. Thus, the rebirth of one of the founders indirectly resulted in the birth of Alpha Lambda Omega Christian Sorority, Inc.

As suitemates, the founders were very close, and therefore spent many hours discussing how they could improve their Christian walks, as well as their personal relationships with Jesus Christ. It was on one such occasion that the group formulated the idea of creating a Christian sorority. On April 3, 1990, the four founders took the initial steps to establish a campus recognized organization.

Jesus never fails! On April 9, 1990, Alpha Lambda Omega Christian Sorority was approved as a registered student organization. The women of Alpha Lambda Omega Christian Sorority, Inc. are committed to uplifting the name of the Lord through fellowship with others, community service and discipleship. Through commitment and prayer, the organization will continue to grow for many years to come. Except, of course, in the case of The Rapture, when all the members are taken up to reign with the Father throughout eternity.
                                                        Grace and peace from God the Father,
                                                                       Jesus Christ our Savior.